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This page contains information for the independent contractors who umpire for SVSUA.  Included on this page are links to National Federation of High School Sports (NFHS) and USA Softball Association umpire information.  Here you will find rules, legal player equipment, umpire uniform links, umpire protective equipment and other sources for training and honing your skills as an umpire.

USA Umpire Information & Links

For the main web page for USA softball please follow this LINK.  Under ASA/USA Softball look for the UMPIRE and click it to locate the sub headings for umpires.  Find the one you need and click on it.

CERTIFIED EQUIPMENT is the place you need to click to find out about Banned Bats and other equipment for all levels of ASA softball.

Umpire Qualities

One Umpire System

Softball Umpiring Guide

National Federation of High School Sports (NFHS)

The main page for NFHS fastpitch softball is found at this LINK  please be sure to scroll down on the page to find all the softball resources which are needed to become a proficient high school fastpitch umpire.