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The 2018 SVSUA Umpire-in-Chief is Glenn Brown who can be reached by this email link.  If you have questions, concerns or comments please email Glenn and he will return your email.
Also check the Umpire page for much more information on NFHS & ASA softball.  

The Following notes are from Glenn Brown

Pre-game: SCPR Adults Leagues

During the game:


Which brings us to hustling, trying to get out to where you are able to make the call. Hanging out at home plate to make the call on a play at second base especially on a base hit where the batter-runner tries stretching it into a double.

Proper Uniform:

ASA gear, plain and simple. Hat, shirt, ball bag. White T-shirt with the powder blue and Navy blue T-shirt with the Navy ASA shirt.

Game control:


Don’t let a situation escalate, get control of it quickly. Players are going to blow off steam on a call and that is fine but don’t let it continue on during the game. Talk to the coach and have him do his job as the coach. If he can’t control him let the coach know if he can’t handle it then we are going to need a sub for him.

Talking with players:

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