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 USA Softball banned bat list, maps and articles about slowpitch in

 Skagit Valley, Washington can be found on this page.

SCPRAL stands for Skagit County Parks & Recreation Adult League which plays weeknight games

 at the Skagit Playfields behind Skagit Valley college.

SCPR 2019 League Rules

USA Softball 2019 Banned bat List



Comments on SCPR Softball League Rules
With a team picking up players that you see or know about before there game, ask the opposing coach at the coaches meeting before the game if it is okay for the opposing team to pick up that play. We can go with a verbal commitment instead of waiting around for them to fill out a consent form.

On the short handed rule in coed. They can only play with a even amount, 4 guys and 4 girls, they can not be playing with 5 guys and 4 girls as per Tony. He is going to talk to Fred to make sure he knows about this.

Talked to him about 15 run rule after 4 innings, said that would have to come to the advisory board and be discussed so we just have the 10 run rule after 5.